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Our commitment is to meet our clients‘ higher satisfaction trough our practical technical solutions, competitive costs and fast tract schedule. Our tract record includes several sizable and prestigious projects. All have been implemented in record time with high quality and to our clients’ complete satisfaction.

Project Site Reporting Procedure

01Daily Site Report – Site Engineer shall record all activities at site, work progress, working hour, weather condition, quantity of machineries & tools, problems encountered at site, planning for the next day, attendance of site staff & workers at site into the Daily Site Report.

02Weekly Progress Report – Site Engineer shall summarized work progress and major problems encounter at site, machinery record, safety & health highlights and man power record for the past 1 week into Weekly Progress Report. Besides, the work progress forecast for coming week also needs to include into the Weekly Progress Report.

03Project Site Reporting Procedure complete.

Precast Component Ordering Procedure

01Site Engineer shall update the precast installation progress and forecast the precast installation to identify the precast component required from Precast Supplier.

02Site Engineer shall keep track on type & quantity of precast component stored at site. Compare the list of precast component required and precast component stored at site to avoid ‘double’ order on certain precast component.

03Any changes on the delivery arrangement must be informed to Precast Supplier by issue another new Precast Element Order Form.

04Site Engineer shall list down the precast component required in the Precast Element Order Form and send to Precast Supplier via fax or e-mail by 12pm. Site Engineer shall allow 2 days of delivery lead time to Precast Supplier for delivery arrangement.

05Precast component ordering procedure complete.

Precast Component Receiving Procedure

01 Upon the arrival of the precast component, the quality of precast components delivered shall be checked and the type & quantity of precast component (as indicate on the Delivery Order-DO) shall be verified by the Site Engineer/Supervisor prior to offloading.

02 Any major/minor defects on the precast component need to be recorded on the DO with the acknowledgement of the trailer’s driver.

03 If the type & quantity of the precast component delivered are not tally with DO, the discrepancy need to be recorded in the DO with the acknowledgement of the trailer’s driver.

04 Photos shall be taken on the major/minor defects on the precast component while the precast component still on the trailer, if possible.

05 Site Engineer/Supervisor shall record the arrival/departure date & time of trailer on the DO.

06 Site Engineer/Supervisor shall check with Precast Supplier every morning regarding the delivery of that day.

07 Precast component receiving procedure complete.

Ready-Mix Concrete Booking Procedure

01 Site Engineer/Supervisor shall calculate the volume of concrete required from the construction drawing. The specification of the concrete can be obtained from the general notes in the construction drawing or contract documents.

02 Site Engineer/Supervisor shall fill in all related information into the Concrete Delivery Schedule.

03 The Concrete Delivery Schedule (2 copies) shall be submitted to the ready-mix concrete supplier 1 day prior to the casting take place.

04 The duplicate copy of Concrete Delivery Schedule shall be acknowledged (cop & sign) by the concrete supplier and return to TCSB. If the Concrete Delivery Schedule is send to concrete supplier through fax, the transmission receipt must retain for reference.

05 Any postponement of the casting shall be informed to the ready-mix concrete supplier by issue another new Concrete Delivery Schedule.

06 Ready-mix concrete booking procedure complete.

Site Inspection Procedure – In-situ Works

01 Site Engineer/Supervisor shall fill in the Pre Concreting Checklist together with the layout plan and submit to Client’s Representative 1 day prior to the concreting take place.

02 Site Engineer/Supervisor shall carry out own inspection to ensure that the work to be inspected is in the best possible condition prior to the site inspection by Client’s Representative.

03 Upon the completion of site inspection, Site Engineer/Supervisor shall get the Client’s Representative to acknowledge the Request for Inspection Form and return the duplicate copy to Client’s Representative later.

04 Site Engineer shall make a duplicate copy of the ready-mix Delivery Order (DO) and attached together with the Request for Inspection Form.

05 Site inspection procedure on in-situ works complete.

Site Surveying Work Procedure – Precast Work

01 Prior to the start of as-built survey, Site Surveyor shall obtain from land surveyor appointed by client about the information of main control points. Site Survey shall verify all the main control points to ensure that the information given is valid.

02 Site Surveyor shall check the as-built position of column starter bar and as-built level of stump and pilecap at least 3 days prior to the commencement of work.

03 Site Surveyor shall inform Site Engineer/Supervisor if he detects any dowel bar or level out of tolerance.

04 A Site Survey report on the as-built position of dowel bar and level shall be prepared and submitted to Project Manager. A duplicate copy of the survey report shall pass to Client’s site representative.

05 After complete the as-built checking, the Site Surveyor shall set the temporary bench mark (TBM) and major reference line around the building for both the precast installation and in-situ works.

06 Site Surveyor will repeat the Step 4 above when the construction progress reach upper floor.

07 Site Surveying Work Procedure complete.

Project Hand-Over Procedure

01 Upon the completion of both major work (precast installation, grouting & related in-situ works) and minor work (repair & finishing work) of the project, Site Engineer shall arrange an appointment with Client’s site representative for hand over inspection.

02 Site Engineer shall prepare the Hand-Over Checklist which is to be filled by Client’s site representative for every location of the project inspected.

03 Site Engineer shall prepare the Defect Checklist which is to be filled by Client’s site representative for every defective item spotted. Each defective item must be photographed and attached together with the Defect Checklist.

04 Site Engineer shall arrange to start remedial work immediately according to the defective item recorded in the Defect Checklist.

05 Once the remedial work complete, arrange another appointment with Client’s site representative for another round of hand-over inspection to verify the remedial work.

06 Client’s site representative shall sign off the Hand-Over Checklist upon the completion of hand-over inspection.

07 The Project Hand-Over Procedure complete.