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Procedures - Site Surveying Work Procedure – Precast Work

Site Surveying Work Procedure – Precast Work

01 Prior to the start of as-built survey, Site Surveyor shall obtain from land surveyor appointed by client about the information of main control points. Site Survey shall verify all the main control points to ensure that the information given is valid.

02 Site Surveyor shall check the as-built position of column starter bar and as-built level of stump and pilecap at least 3 days prior to the commencement of work.

03 Site Surveyor shall inform Site Engineer/Supervisor if he detects any dowel bar or level out of tolerance.

04 A Site Survey report on the as-built position of dowel bar and level shall be prepared and submitted to Project Manager. A duplicate copy of the survey report shall pass to Client’s site representative.

05 After complete the as-built checking, the Site Surveyor shall set the temporary bench mark (TBM) and major reference line around the building for both the precast installation and in-situ works.

06 Site Surveyor will repeat the Step 4 above when the construction progress reach upper floor.

07 Site Surveying Work Procedure complete.