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Procedures - Ready-Mix Concrete Booking Procedure

Ready-Mix Concrete Booking Procedure

01 Site Engineer/Supervisor shall calculate the volume of concrete required from the construction drawing. The specification of the concrete can be obtained from the general notes in the construction drawing or contract documents.

02 Site Engineer/Supervisor shall fill in all related information into the Concrete Delivery Schedule.

03 The Concrete Delivery Schedule (2 copies) shall be submitted to the ready-mix concrete supplier 1 day prior to the casting take place.

04 The duplicate copy of Concrete Delivery Schedule shall be acknowledged (cop & sign) by the concrete supplier and return to TCSB. If the Concrete Delivery Schedule is send to concrete supplier through fax, the transmission receipt must retain for reference.

05 Any postponement of the casting shall be informed to the ready-mix concrete supplier by issue another new Concrete Delivery Schedule.

06 Ready-mix concrete booking procedure complete.